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Why Use a Professional Fire Mitigation Company?

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Use a Professional Fire Mitigation Company? Fire clean up in Kyle,TX

A shocking phone call imparts a terrifying message: a blazing fire has struck your place of business. This traumatizing news plunges you into chaotic dread. Your livelihood is threatened as your day-to-day business operations come to a halt and you face some crucial decisions in the midst of paralyzing stress.

Fire damage and its aftermath can seem overwhelming, but it is imperative that you take immediate steps to initiate rapid fire mitigation and assure a return to normal. Without a doubt, the quickest, most effective path toward recovery is to find a professional fire restoration contractor. Your insurance adjuster will be equipped to advise you in choosing a reputable commercial building restoration service in Kyle,TX.

What Will My Fire Mitigation Professionals Do?

Calling upon hard-won experience and expertise, you can expect these specialists to do several things:

  • Establish emergency contact. Your contractor will likely be available to you immediately and throughout the restoration. Communication with your insurance adjuster will likely be seamless and simplified as well.

  • Assess the extent of the fire damage by examining the roof, walls, floors, ceilings and furnishings to determine how far the fire, smoke, soot and water pervaded your site.

  • Secure the property by boarding up walls or windows and laying roof tarps as needed to prevent further damage.

  • Clean, sanitize and restore all surfaces and any items deemed salvageable using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

  • Repair or, if necessary, totally rebuild your structure to bring your business location back to its safe, secure, pre-fire state or better.

When you engage fire restoration specialists, they will deal with the unique challenges presented by fire damage on your behalf and will do so quickly and efficiently using professional expertise and proven techniques. As they initiate your enterprise’s road to recovery, you will find that your stress levels have been ameliorated as well. Your decision to turn to professionals will have been well made.

Mold Removal Basics for Rental Properties

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Removal Basics for Rental Properties Mold damage on wall in Startzvile,TX

Whether you’re an owner or a tenant in Startzville, TX, mold is never a welcome guest in your rental property. These basic tips will help you prevent the growth of mold spores, understand landlord and tenant roles in maintaining mold-free premises and work with mold cleanup specialists to banish mold once and for all.

Address Moisture To Slow Mold Growth

Mold spores grow best in warm, damp and unventilated spaces. In commercial buildings, common mold hideouts may include the following:

  • Basements
  • Walls containing plumbing pipes
  • Behind refrigerators or dishwashers
  • Around air conditioning units

Once you have located any problem areas, check for signs of water damage — a perfect breeding ground for mold contamination. Around sinks and toilets, for example, look for discoloration. On walls, warping, bubbling or peeling paint may indicate damage. Consider using a dehumidifier to help prevent future mold growth in these areas, and immediately get an assessment from a mold remediation expert.

Know Your Responsibilities

While legal responsibilities for mold cleanup and prevention vary from state to state, many leases stipulate that tenants have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a clean and properly ventilated rental unit
  • Shutting windows to keep out precipitation
  • Notifying the landlord of leaks

Landlords have a responsibility to provide tenants with safe and comfortable rental spaces. As such, they have several duties as well:

  • Promptly fixing leaks
  • Arranging a mold inspection
  • Hiring remediation experts to assess, contain and remove mold

If a landlord is unresponsive, tenants can file a lawsuit containing an order for repair. This civil suit can also include actual damages, a reduction in rent and a civil penalty, so it’s smart for owners to take mold concerns seriously.

Seek Expert Help

Detecting a mold infestation is just the first step. While the remediation process will vary based on your individual scenario, working with a mold removal company generally includes these three steps:

  • A visual inspection for signs of mold
  • Antifungal and antimicrobial treatments
  • Removal of mold-infested surfaces, if necessary

Discovering mold on your property is unwelcome, but not untreatable. By hiring a mold cleanup expert early on and taking steps to address moisture buildup, property owners can help ensure mold-free rental spaces for their tenants.

Quick Guide to Flood Cleaning

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Quick Guide to Flood Cleaning After storm clean up in a Wimberley, TX residence

Cleaning After A Flood

Does your home have standing water after a storm passed through the Wimberley, TX, area? You may need to hire a residential flood cleanup crew to make sure your project meets important cleaning requirements. If your cleanup does not meet the necessary requirements, you may end up with secondary damage, such as mold growth or building material deterioration. Here are a few things you need to know about cleaning up after a flood.


There are many surfaces in your home that have to be decontaminated after a flood. Your cleanup crew may use a special flood disinfectant on surfaces, including the following:

  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Walls

A commercial-grade cleaner is needed to ensure you remove any potential contaminants from your home. After the cleaning solution, your professional crew may use a chlorine bleach mixture to further disinfect your home.


Any furniture, curtains, bedding and rugs needs to be taken out of the wet area as soon as possible. An important part of a thorough flood clean procedure is drying out your household belongings. Once the items are dry, they can be cleaned according to the manufacturer specifications. Some porous possessions may need to be thrown away because they may soak up the dirty flood water.


If any of your electronics get wet, you need to make sure they are properly dried out and repaired before using them again. To make the cleanup easier, you may want to turn the electricity off for your entire home. An electrician can then come in to inspect the electronics and make any needed repairs. It is important to follow flood cleaning requirements with electronics or you may cause more damage to your computers, televisions and appliances.

Floods can cause a lot of damage to your Wimberley, TX, home. Following the proper cleaning requirements after standing water fills your house can ensure your space is returned to normal.

When Should You Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

10/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage When Should You Schedule Furnace Maintenance? Keep your furnace maintained for better results

A well-maintained furnace can be operated efficiently and safely. The best way to ensure that the furnace in your home is in good shape is to perform and schedule regular maintenance. Have a professional clean, inspect, and test the furnace once a year before temperatures drop. Then, do regular upkeep as needed. These measures can prevent damage that may require fire cleaning.

Before Cold Weather

Contact a furnace expert in the early fall to inspect and test the furnace in your home. This appointment may cost anywhere from $80 to $150, and you shouldn't cut corners. An expert should

  • Check static air pressure, gas pressure, and temperature rise
  • Inspect wiring or gas lines for any signs of damage or leaks
  • Test combustion gases
  • Perform an amp test draw on the blower motor
  • Remove and clean the blower wheel
  • Inspect the drainage system and internal hoses
  • Check the heat exchanger for corrosion
  • Clean the condensate drain and trap and replenish water in trap

All of these steps can increase the efficiency of a furnace and help to prevent circumstances that may call for fire cleaning or smoke cleaning. There are also several basic maintenance tasks that you can perform at any time during the winter or the rest of the year.

On a Regular Basis

You can take several measures to ensure that your furnace continues to function safely, especially when you rely on it every day. Take the time to

  • Check the filter every month or two
  • Check burners for ignition and burner flame
  • Inspect the blower door seal
  • Look for signs of blockage in the air intake and ventilation systems
  • Vacuum out dust and debris

All of these measures can help to prevent a furnace fire at your home in Kyle,TX. If a fire starts at your home for any reason, seek the services of fire cleaning professionals.

3 Flood Prevention Strategies for Your Business

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 3 Flood Prevention Strategies for Your Business A sump pump will allow the water to be moved out of an area

Floods can cause damage to your business that results in a costly and time-consuming cleanup. However, flood prevention is often not considered until it is too late. There are various steps you can take to keep your business in New Braunfels,TX, from becoming damaged by a flood.

1. Research Your Area

In order to prepare your building, it’s important to view your business in the context of where it is located. Know where water sources, such as rivers or lakes, are located in relation to your building, and also find out if your building is on a floodplain. Knowing where floodwaters may come from and how likely it is for a flood to occur in your area will help you appropriately plan out your flood prevention strategies.

2. Plant Appropriate Foliage

In addition to increasing the curb appeal of your business, trees, shrubs and other plants can help absorb excessive amounts of water around your building. However, it’s important to plant foliage well before a flood occurs so the plants will have time to deeply embed their roots into the soil. Take the time to find out what plants do best in your area and plant a variety of foliage to help reduce the impacts of flooding.

3. Use Sealants, Basins and Other Tools

There are various items that you can install in your business before a flood occurs. Basins can be installed to collect water, while installing a sump pump will allow the water to be moved out of an area. Additionally, you can prepare your building by applying waterproof sealants around your building’s doors and windows. By having these items placed and installed in your building well before a flood, you can mitigate the effects of flooding in your business.

Flood prevention can protect your business from sustaining major water damage. However, even minor damage to your business needs to be repaired after a flood. In the event that your business is damaged by a flood, work with experienced flood cleaning professionals who will quickly and safely restore your business.

Electricity and Water: Figuring Out How Your Light Fixtures Became Fountains

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Electricity and Water: Figuring Out How Your Light Fixtures Became Fountains Look for ceiling damage in your San Marcos, TX home

Water in a light fixture can be an odd and troubling sight. Many homeowners may be confused and distraught over what they should do. Thankfully, the few steps below will help you navigate this somewhat frightening ordeal.

1. Turn Off the Electricity

Electricity and water typically don’t mix, so if you notice water in your light fixtures, you should immediately cut the power to the affected area. Leaving the power on risk shock, electrocution or even fire. Honestly, the best idea is likely to turn off power to the entire house before inspecting things further.

2. Inspect All Other Areas

When there is water in a light, then it stands to reason that other fixtures may be affected as well. Walk your house with a flashlight and inspect all other fixtures for water buildup. This inspection will help you narrow down the problem area and potentially lead you to the source of the leak.

3. Look for Ceiling Damage

If the fixtures do not help you narrow down the cause of the flooded lights, look for ceiling damage. Bubbling paint, soft drywall or sweat spots are all signs of a leak in your ceiling. If you come across an area that has any of these signs, take note of it and then shut off the water supply to minimize further damage.

4. Call a Specialist

After you have shut off the power, the water and possibly located the leak, you can call in a specialist from the San Marcos, TX, area to assess and repair the damage. These professionals will have the expertise and equipment to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently, working with you and your insurer the entire time.

When you come home and find water in a light fixture, you should act quickly to avoid exposure to shock and further home damage. You can follow the steps above to ensure your safety and to help you locate the source of the leak before help arrives.

What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What Happens When Pipes Freeze? Broken pipe in Kyle, TX

If you are a Kyle, TX, business owner facing frozen pipes, you may wonder if they can cause water damage. Read on to learn what happens when pipes become frozen and what you can do about the effects.

Freezing and Broken Pipes

When a pipe becomes frozen, the water inside of it expands. The pressure that this puts on the pipe can cause it to burst and lead to a huge water mess that damages your commercial property. Keep in mind that this can happen with either metal or plastic pipes. Additionally, the moisture damage that occurs can lead to a number of different concerns:

  • Mold growth
  • Structural weakness
  • Damage to objects inside of your business

These are just a few of the problems that can arise from wetness that is not quickly addressed. Timely action is very important.

Cleanup Solutions

If one or more pipes burst, you are going to have a dilemma on your hands. As a businessperson, you want to make sure that you protect your commercial investment from the consequences of water damage, but you also want to get things back up and running quickly and efficiently. The best solution in most cases is to put a cleaning plan in place with help from water cleanup specialists. Many technicians are prepared to arrive on the scene fast and get the job done thoroughly in as little time as possible in order to diminish the threat of severe structural issues. They can also assess any destruction that has already occurred and either offer their services or suggest solutions for recovery.

When your pipes freeze and burst, it can be tempting to handle subsequent water damage on your own, especially if you are eager to go back to business as usual or are anxious about handing the responsibility of restoring your property over to strangers. The truth is that trained professionals have experience with the water-based issues that you are facing and will likely have a much better handle on the situation than you do. Giving them the opportunity to preserve your property to the best of their ability can help you get back to running your company.

The Couch Doesn’t Make a Very Good Boat: How to Get Back to Normal after a Home Flood

9/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Couch Doesn’t Make a Very Good Boat: How to Get Back to Normal after a Home Flood Storm with water loss in a New Braunfels, TX home

A home flood is one of the worst things a homeowner can experience. This type of storm damage, while destructive, can carry with it a significant health risk. Flood water is known for being dangerous, depending on its category level it varies in its toxicity to humans and pets; therefore, it is essential to begin the cleaning process as soon as possible, and depending on the level of damage you may want to seek the assistance of a restoration company in the New Braunfels, TX, area. Regardless of if you make this a DIY project or seek the help of a professional, the cleanup process likely involves the same three steps.

1. Remove Excess Water

After a flood, you should focus on removing any excess water as soon as possible. The longer that floodwaters sit, the more time it allows for further contamination and the spread of mold. To remove excess water, you can rent or purchase pumps and wet-vacs. While it is obvious to remove water from your living space, you should also remove excess water from your crawlspace.

2. Remove All Debris

Once you have removed all the water from your home flood, it is time to do some general cleanup and remove any debris, which includes anything that has been in contact with the flood water, especially porous items like fabrics and furniture. Again, it is important to remove debris from accessible locations as well as areas like your crawlspace because it is often areas that are unseen and left untouched that lead to significant issues down the line.

3. Thoroughly Dry/Disinfect the Area

The last step in the cleanup process is to dry and disinfect every area of your home. You can begin the drying process with the use of dehumidifiers, fans, and industrial air movers. While dehumidifiers and fans are easy enough to use inside your home, you’ll want to use the industrial air movers to help dry out the crawlspace. Once everything has had time to thoroughly dry, you should disinfect every area with a strong cleaner like bleach.

A home flood can be devastating, but, while the cleanup process may be intimidating, the steps are straightforward; however, you may want to consider asking for help, if only to ease your mind.

Where Did That Mold Come From?

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Where Did That Mold Come From? Mold growth in a San Marcos, TX home

Dealing with a spate of mold in San Marcos, TX, is no laughing matter, and trying to remedy the problem after it’s begun can be a time-consuming hassle. Whether it’s a spot emerging in one of your bathrooms or a patch found in your basement, dealing with a mold problem is tricky. It’s much easier to simply prevent mold growth in the first place, and to do that it’s important to understand the most common ways of spreading mold in your home. Here are a few things to consider.

Look Out for Moisture

Mold is a type of fungus that can be found anywhere with moisture. The fungus, like black mold, for example, is most commonly found in the dampest areas of your house; bathrooms, basements, and even attics are the prime candidates in your house. To deal with this, you simply need to identify points of moisture in your house. Is there a leaky faucet in the basement? Check beneath the sink in your bathroom – is it as dry as it should be? Taking this simple step is a great way to stop spreading mold throughout your home.

Be Aware of the Temperature

While mold can grow at any temperature between 32 degrees and 95 degrees, it will thrive between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If you keep an eye on the temperature in your house, particularly during the summer, you can often prevent mold growth in your home.

Be Careful Cleaning It Up

Another common way of spreading mold is through improper cleanup techniques. If you do find a spot of mold in your house, it’s much safer and more efficient to hire trained specialists to come in and clean things up for you. Keeping your house clean of mold is not a difficult goal, it’s simply something that requires vigilance and a few simple steps.

It’s best to prevent mold growth before it starts by keeping things dry and cool. However, if you do find the fungus in your home, it’s best to call professionals for mold remediation.

Is a Fire Mitigation Company the Best Choice for Full Restoration?

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Is a Fire Mitigation Company the Best Choice for Full Restoration? When you have a fire in your building, in San Marcos, TX, you may have multiple types of damage including water, soot, smoke, and fire.

When you have a fire in your building, in San Marcos, TX, you may have multiple types of damage including water, soot, smoke, and fire. You will need mitigation specialists to help remove the damage, but did you know that these specialists are one-stop shops that can provide solutions to all your needs? Check out some of the services you may need after fire damage:

• Inspection and damage assessment
• Claims management to assist your insurance adjuster
• Moving services for temporary relocation, if needed, during mitigation and restoration
• Physical protection of property from the elements through boarding of your building, tarping the roof, or fencing property
• Water damage mitigation
Odor removal
• Soot removal, smoke and fire mitigation
• Specialty cleaning of content and belongings
• Inventory services for content, which may include photos or barcoding
• Removal of items that can’t be restored
• Restoration of the damage to return it to pre-fire condition

Fire mitigation takes many steps and can take a lot of time for even the most efficient professionals.

Should You Hire Individual Contractors or a Single Mitigation Specialist?

Every day that you are not working is a day you are losing revenue. It’s critical to get the building back to pre-fire condition so you can get your employees back to work. Since you are a business, you know that each contractor you hire is another point of contact that requires meetings, inspections, time to communicate needs, contracts, accounting, and more. With multiple contractors, there is more potential to have gaps in the process as work changes hands. That time adds up and every delay equals costly losses. One way to accelerate the process is to use the mitigation company for all aspects of your fire damage recovery. One contact will save you many hassles and hurdles, getting you back to business sooner.

A professional mitigation company can create a seamless interaction with your insurance adjuster. Of course, it may be your insurance company that suggests the mitigation company to handle the fire damage. They are already familiar with the headaches and additional costs that come from multiple contractors and the ease that comes with a single company. For more information, visit