Recent Before & After Photos

Drying Water Under Sink

SERVPRO of San Marcos / New Braunfels was called to this home after a pipe under this sink leaked and caused a serious moisture issue. We arrived quickly a... READ MORE

Fire Suppression System Malfunction

This facility was filled with water when the fire suppression system malfunctioned. As you can see there was a lot of water in the facility. SERVPRO of San... READ MORE

Kitchen Pipe Break

When a pipe under the kitchen sink broke, water came pouring out into the kitchen, causing the flooding that can be seen here. It doesn't take long for this amo... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup

This office was flooded when a pipe broke causing the flooding that soaked the carpet in the images above. The team at SERVPRO of San Marcos / New Braunfel... READ MORE

How To Prepare For Storm Damage

Making sure that your home is safe from damage may be a priority, but in anticipation of flooding, you will want to take steps to prepare yourself and your fami... READ MORE

Flooded Home Due To Storm Water Intrusion

When heavy rains carried debris into the storm drains outside this home, the water began to rise and caused a stormwater intrusion into the home, which as you c... READ MORE

Ceiling Repair After Storm Damage

When storms damage your roof, you can develop leaks that, over time, can allow enough rainwater to enter the home that ceiling damage like you see pictured here... READ MORE

Drying Up Storm Water Intrusion

This facility suffered a loss due to a stormwater intrusion caused by heavy rains. SERVPRO of San Marcos / New Braunfels arrived quickly and immediately go... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion

This homeowner contacted SERVPRO of San Marcos / New Braunfels following a stormwater intrusion caused by heavy rains that impacted our area.A storm drain ... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Roof Leads To Water Damage In Home

Previous storms had caused severe damage to the roof of this home and the roof developed a leak. The leak allowed rainwater to enter the home and led to a colla... READ MORE