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Fire Evacuation Plan

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

Fire Escape Plan Create a Fire escape plan and practice it

Fire Evacuation Plan

Planning for the possibility of a fire can be difficult. The thought of evacuating your Golden Beach, FL home in an emergency is enough to send shivers down your spine, even if you know it's for the best. But with some advance planning and preparation, you can keep your family safe and reduce the risk of injury or death during an evacuation.

What to do Before a Fire

Create an evacuation plan and practice it. If you have young children, make sure they are familiar with the plan and know what to do if there is an emergency.

  • Practice the plan.
  • Make sure everyone knows the plan.
  • Make sure everyone is ready to leave at a moment's notice.
  • Make sure everyone knows where to go if there is an evacuation (family/friend’s house, hotel, etc.).
  • Get a fire extinguisher. The best way to fight fires is by preventing them in the first place, and one of the best ways to do that is with a fire extinguisher. A small extinguisher will cost only $20-30, but it could save you thousands of dollars worth of damage if you have one on hand when an unexpected fire breaks out.
  • Know where your exits are located and practice using them regularly so that everyone knows how quickly they can get out of their home safely in an emergency situation (i.e., practice opening windows).

What to do During a Fire

If you're at home when a fire breaks out, you'll likely be the first to notice it.

  • Get out of the house immediately, making sure that everyone else leaves as well.
  • Call 911 with your location and follow your evacuation plan—whether it's to meet at a neighbor's house or drive away from the burning building in an emergency vehicle. Stay calm and listen carefully to all directions given by law enforcement or firefighters. You may need to evacuate again if conditions change; be prepared for this possibility by keeping an emergency kit on hand and knowing how long it will take you to get where you're going (in case of power outages, maps should be available online).

You should have a plan for what to do if there's a fire in your Golden Beach, FL home. Keep an emergency kit on hand and know how long it will take you to get where you're going (in case of power outages, maps should be available online).

What to do After a Fire

If the fire is contained, stay away from the building. If you have time to grab anything, grab important documents and your pets. Call 911 if you see someone who needs help escaping or if there is a serious injury. If you are outside and see flames or smoke, get away from the building as quickly as possible.

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of having an evacuation plan and how to put it into practice. If you have any questions or would like more information on our services, please contact us today!

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