Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Dining room with table, walls and curtains have suffered major smoke damage and there is insulation on the floor

Residential fire in Wimberly wreaks havoc

We are trained in fire damage restoration!

The fire department cleared this Wimberly home but not after ensuring the fire was out properly. We will now go through the home and begin restoration services to get this home back to pre-fire damage condition

Bathroom After Fire Damages

SERVPRO has the expertise and equipment to get you back in your home or business quickly.  This is the after picture of a house fire when arriving.  The technicians can begin clean up quickly, retuning to pre-fire conditions.

Drywall Removal after Fire

Fire can cause more then just smoke and soot damage.  Water damage can also destroy drywall from the water after fighting the fire.  SERVPRO has professional technicians that are trained to come in and tear out old drywall and dry for reconstruction. 

Damage after House Fire

This is the aftermath of a house Fire.  SERVPRO has the expertise for all your fire restoration needs. There are steps the technicians take to ensure every detail is taken care of to restore your home back to pre-fire conditions.

Fire Damages to Ceiling

Fire Damage can cause multiple losses to your property.  SERVPRO can inspect the area along with clean up process and validation of completion.  The technicians are professionally trained in all areas of restoration and professional cleaning. 

Fire Clean up

Fire can cause more then just smoke damage it can also cause water damage from fire fighters response.  SERVPRO can respond to your fire emergency any time.  They have the expertise to remove the damage and put it back to pre-fire conditions.

Fire Damages

This is the after picture of a home with fire loss.  SERVPRO can respond to your fire and start the clean up process.  They have professionals who can come tear down drywall and professionally clean your belongings.